The Three R’s

“If you can keep your head when all those about you are losing theirs, then you don’t understand the situation!” 

Experience has taught us that this one liner can apply to negotiations as well as competitive sports

Here’s the short story of how the Three R’s© mental training system can help.

A few years ago, when my own children were playing competitive tennis,  I teamed up with their coach, Robert Trogolo, an internationally known teaching professional, to develop a system to help juniors deal with anger, frustration and discouragement that occur at one time or another for all athletes who care about winning and getting better at their sport.

Little did we know that the system would eventually be used by athletes and coaches in other sports, as well as negotiators, public speakers and even surgeons, virtually anyone whose success depends on their ability to bring calm focus to the task at hand.

The Three R’s©  mental training system is a simple and intuitive application of clinical and sports psychology tools to bring focus to “between point” activity in tennis.  It can be customized for use in other sports and life circumstances.  Briefly, the systems teaches you to

  • Release the negative energy (humor works well), and then

                   STOP the Release;

  • Review where you are in the game/match, and then

                   STOP the Review, and follow with a

  • Reset routine to put yourself back on track.

For details on the system, read our tennis book, Focused for Tennis.

For an individual consultation to customize the model for your circumstances, feel free to call or email to set up a telephone appointment.