Stability and Reconstruction Operations (SARO)

My experience as a Sr. Social Scientist embedded with the US Army in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, impressed upon me the importance of conflict resolution and collaboration (negotiation and mediation) tools in Stability and Reconstruction Operations (SARO).

Upon my return from Afghanistan in 2010, I taught a pilot course on Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Skills for Human Terrain Teams (HTTs) deploying to Afghanistan.

Building on the results of this work, we have created courses that can be offered on a pre-deployment basis or down range.  The terminal learning objective (TLO) is for participants to be able to use collaboration tools to negotiate buy in on sustainable stability packages for particular areas of operations (AOs).

Since the tools incorporate human terrain data on local culture, they can be used by military, civilian, multinational businesses and NGOs to support stability and reconstruction initiatives in any country, as well as disaster relief in the US and other parts of the world.

For information on pre-deployment or use down range, please call or email to set up a telephone conference.