As you land on this page, you may be embroiled in a conflict of some sort, or know someone who is. You’re not sure if you need professional help. You’d like to read something short about what’s available out there.

It might be mediation, or consultation on your case, or a training program or educational event to address your particular need. If this is you, then you’re at the right place.

I am a psychologist who has devoted most of his career to helping people reap the benefits of interests based negotiation and mediation. And while I’m passionate about the rewards in this approach, I’m also a realist who knows that sometimes you need another way.  

As you’ll see from my previous engagements, I’ve worked in large corporations, small businesses, families, churches and non-profits, and most recently the front lines of the Afghanistan war zone. 

Click around on this site to see my personal take on services and applications that might help you.

And feel free to call or email me if you’d like to explore how I or others in my network might bring one or more of the services listed here to your particular circumstances.

Very truly yours,

Karl Slaikeu