Human Resources Support

Perhaps no other professional group has as much direct contact with as wide an array of individuals in conflict as Human Resources professionals.  If not resolved directly by employees and managers, workplace issues typically move to HR for some sort of intervention: counseling, coaching, investigation, referral to mediation or arbitration or administrative intervention of some sort.

Long ago I learned that HR colleagues were drawn to our conflict resolution tools, which they customized for use in all of the interventions mentioned above. 

For more on this, see the following pages on this site, each of which has a history of HR application that I will be happy to share with you: training, mediation, negotiation case consultation, and systems design

For those seeking certification training, our courses are regularly approved for SHRM’s HRCI Recertification Credit. Click here for an example.

If you’d like help with a specific case, or would like to pursue training in house or through a public program, please call or send me an email to set up a telephone visit.