Negotiation Case Consultation

Karl Slaikeu accepting the Dispute Resolution Center Peacemaker Award, 2011

If you’re a party to a conflict, you’d like to avoid the stress of prolonged arguing and fighting, and the expense and risk of litigation.

If you’re an attorney, you’re likely weighing settlement options even as you proceed toward mediation, arbitration or litigation.  You want every advantage in pre-trial negotiations.   You may be looking for ways to get the other side to cooperate with you, without tipping your hand or having your overture be interpreted as a sign of weakness.

Adding a negotiation consultant to your side of the equation may give you the edge you seek.

Drawing on my experience as a psychologist and mediator of family, business, personal injury, and organizational disputes, plus work in the Afghanistan war zone, I bring proven tools to the negotiation process.

For Case Evaluation, I use a custom version of the Conflict Grid from my mediation text (When Push Comes to Shove) to help identify hidden interests and key decision points for the parties in the context of litigation or an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

I can assist in integrating this analysis into ongoing negotiations.

For a consultation on how we might apply this approach to your case, call or email me.